A little piece of copper that wouldn’t be set aside.

It stayed on my bench and just waited !

Somehow I couldn’t put it into the scrap bin to be melted down for broom castings. It started out as a round tube and there was absolutely no thought process from there forward. I proceeded to make it square with flared openings and thought it would make a nice bail.

Fused some pure silver onto it and proceeded to burn a hole at one end…yeah…a place for the spirits to escape !

I thought a drop down ring would be nice for the glass piece that was also waiting in a box. It had to be in the center, this is what I thought. I didn’t, at the time, want to just solder it on so I decided to drill holes and thread it through so I could wrap the remaining wire around it. This seemed like a good idea at the time. Remember, not planning ahead on this, just doing

But…not a good idea, I just blocked the tube so that my cord would not thread through…arghhh

Stubborn that I am, I decided to try and open up the inside of this narrow tube without distorting the work that I had just accomplished. Long hour and clamped jaw later this was done. Then while “trying” to wrap the wire around a square tube, it keep springing open and would not lay flat and snug. So, out came the hammer and little anvil.

Long hour and clamped jaw later this was also accomplished. I did solder the ends of the wire to the bail to keep everything in place. I am sure there was an easier way to go about this, and I have learned a few things that I’m sure will be of help down the road.

The little copper rivet below the bail is something I really enjoy making for the jewelry.

I drilled a hole in the glass and open riveted a copper tube in place. The imprinted designs are from the stamps that we make. If you will take a look at our how to page we have a tutorial on making the stamps.

This next picture has my makers mark imprinted on the back of the glass.

I had two pendants to choose from. This next picture was my other choice and it was a difficult decision to make since I like them both. But I chose the first one since it has a lot of copper colors that compliment the bail.

So the next time a little piece of copper or anything else decides to hang around on the bench…

Watch out ! ! !