Imprint in Glass

In this tutorial we will show you how to make a stamping tool to imprint a pattern in hot glass. You will need some polymer clay, brass shim stock, heavy paper, and tape.

1. Here is a sampling of some of the designs I have created.



2. Roll out a cylinder of polymer clay larger enough to hold the design you want to make.



3. Tape a piece of card stock tightly to the outside of the clay roll. This helps the clay retain its shape when you push the brass into it.



4. Pack the clay tightly and trim the ends flush with the paper tube.



5. Form the brass shim stock with pliers and whatever else you want to use to get your shape. It may be easier to make multiple pieces to compose your shape rather than trying to do it with just one piece of metal,



6. Carefully push your metal pieces into your clay.



7. Remove the paper and shape the handle any way you want, Bake in the oven at 275 degrees for almost an hour. This is a pretty big piece of polymer and it needs to heat all the way through.



9. An assortment of stamps that I have made.






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