A new word in “my” world……App

I am sometimes very slow in coming into the 21st century.  I tell all my friends that I want to go back to rotary dial phones.  I have heard the word app for quite a long time, just never thought it would apply to me.  When we switched over to Apple, wow there it was, just asking to be used.

I love taking and tweeking pictures and this app is fun.  It combines two of my favorite things…..well really lots of my favorite things, photography, black and white, color, flowers, and anything that doesn’t move or complain that the light is in their eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I love people but they just won’t stay in one place for long.  Found out you can never pose a cat ! ! !   You have to get them on the run or asleep.

So, anyway I am having fun with this little App from Apple.  The App is Color Splash Studio.  You take a colored picture and it turns it into a grey scale.  There is a tool that lets you bring back the color where you want it.  Check it out,it’s fun.

I knitted the hat and crocheted the flower.  The hat is a soft mossy green color.  There is also one of my large glass buttons in the center of the flower.


5 thoughts on “A new word in “my” world……App

  1. I really like the black and white…it really makes the pendent pop…good job of photography

  2. Bobby – you are amazing. I still remember that Swedish Christmas tree you did (oh, about 30 years ago) where you knitted a 1-inch square with sewing thread and pins. It was incredible, and wonderful. I’ve told many people about it – but usually get the impression they don’t believe me. The hat is really great – integrating one medium (yarn) with another (glass) – well, it’s perfect.