I like words ! ! !

They can say so much or can confuse the daylights out of you. Words can be very powerful or just one word can take the power away in an instant. The tone of a word can change it’s entire meaning. This is why I talk so softly to my cat Miles when he has done something he shouldn’t. So, speaking of words, this one is my all time favorite : Cogitate … to ponder or meditate on, usually intently. I stamped it on an ID bracelet that I wear often. You can see by the picture that it is well used and has its own patina.

I used the pronunciation spelling … KOJ – I – TEYT and I just love it. The bracelet is a conversation starter for the loving of words. Pondering is something I do quite often, my nieces use the word zoning ! I just love the feel and the sound of the word. I guess you could say I am cogitating on the word koj-i-teyt. Enjoy Bobby