My muse is on vacation…

She just up and left. She could have told me or at least given a warning of some sort, but “NO” not a word. I woke up and she was just gone! I waited around all day hoping she would leave word. But that is o.k…she has done this before, and she always returns with many new ideas.

Not sure when she will be back, but I will use this time to catch up on some things that are on the back burner. They have been waiting patiently for me to get to them. So maybe this is a good thing! Now I am caught between wanting her to return soon or taking care of things left undone.

Could there possibly be a middle ground here where there is time for everyone? Things running smoothly? But then would there be anything to look forward to?

I love the feel of anticipation. It can be so exciting and a little unnerving at the same time. Is the prize at the end of the wait worth it? I say “YES” because without the anticipation it would just be gathering things with no excitement of the wanting. I wouldn’t want the anticipation to go on forever but a little dose of it is a wonderful feeling. Makes you know you are alive!

So I will patiently wait and anticipate my muse’s return. Till then I will keep busy with the things that have been patiently waiting for me.

All is good


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