From the back burner

The other day I was showing a friend how to fold form copper. I made a demo piece and was not quite satisfied with it but brought it home anyway. I have had an idea setting in the back of my mind for quite some time now and the piece seemed to be the answer. I changed a few things and formed it different and added a hook to the back. I now have something that resembles the idea that has been setting on that back burner for a long time.

This piece is a ponytail cuff done in copper with silver fused to the surface and fold formed in a “what if I do this” manner. I have very short thin hair and have never been able to have a pony tail, but I love them the same. So this little piece will stay awhile till I figure out if it will be a gift or a product. Might keep it for the first Sat market show this April….we shall see.

This is the back of the piece.  You hook the silver rod over the rubber band that holds your ponytail together.