My muse has returned:

And look what she brought me …..

Pieces of bronze sheet to play with. It doesn’t look like much right now but when we get through….Just wait and see!

She had so many new and exciting things to show she was beside herself. We took a moment so I could write them down before they flew off into cyberspace to never return.

Bronze? Now what do I do with bronze? I have cast a few pieces for fun but never thought of it as something I could do for jewelry pieces. But….Bronze sheet, fold formed, worked and shaped is something I could really get to like. It seems to have a very warm color, not as bright as copper or as expensive as silver. It is easy to work with and takes abuse from the hammers and the flame, two of my favorite things, flame being my first love.

Being a pyro is a very exciting thing!

So after much abuse and no planning, I am pleased with the results of the first piece.

I think I will be playing with bronze for awhile. I just love new ideas, especially when they lead to more ideas in a mist of chaos. Too many ideas and so little can make one go into a frenzy.

A few of them will have to be put on that back burner again but they should know that it won’t be for long before they can come forward.

Good ideas will wait for no one, they just keep coming to the front and won’t let up until you finish them. So off to hammer on some more bronze and see where it will take me.

Catch you later…Bobby