Dreams do come true…


In my dream I was making a new piece of jewelry from the bronze that I have. In the dream it went smoothly, step by step and when I finished the piece it was perfect.

The first thing I did was to burn a hole in the bronze while getting the pure silver to fuse. I have done this before in real life and ruined the piece I was working on! But in my dream state it was just the thing to do on purpose for the idea that I had.

I also seemed to be working on circle shapes that had layers that were connected together. Things in the dream made so much sense and it was so easy to complete each step. In real life time there were a “few” stumbling blocks and way longer time frames to work things out. I think that on this piece the dream state was way more fun!

But is that what it is really all about – everything turning out just as you have planned it, step by step.

I’m not sure, since it seems to me that there would be no challenge or learning curve. And you know how I love to be on a new learning curve!

All that aside, the piece did turn out somewhat as I dreamed it. It has also opened up a few more avenues to venture down. So dreams can really come true…..you just have to remember to believe in them and go for it!