The Studio Part 1

It’s clean for now, but when the muse strikes there will be “chaos” abounding.

I have been lampworking for close to 15 years and the magic is still there. I share my glass passion with jewelry now and they seem to compliment each other and fill my days. I am still using the original kiln to anneal all of my glass. I have added a few tools but like to make my own when I can.

There is nothing sacred in our house that I won’t turn into a tool. Norm “forbids” me to take any more of our utensils out to the studio. You cannot believe how many spoon bowl shapes there are and just the perfect one is the one that you might need.

These spoons are the first that I confiscated from our kitchen and I am still using them. I also took my curling iron apart to get the curve to press a hot bead into, I didn’t use it anyway so it made a good tool to have on hand. I know…too late on the crazy part but it keeps the magic alive!