The Studio Part 3


I went on a quest and needed every color and in three sizes of all the glass rods that I have. I tend to do things in a big way and once the “muse” has left I usually don’t return. Too many things to explore and the list just keeps growing…you know the saying…”one thing leads to another!” I have a lot of frit to play with for now. I make my frit by the lolly-pop method which includes lots of heat and popping glass. You not only get to play with fire, you get to shatter some hot glass.

My lolly-pop method of frit starts off with a pint sized canning jar of water. Make a large gather of glass on the end of a mandrel. When it is very soft mash it into a lolly-pop shape. Heat it up again but not so hot that you loose the shape. I then heat up the glass close to the mandrel and pull the lolly-pop down so that there is a short string of glass between the mandrel and the lolly-pop. Heat up the lolly-pop again to make sure it has not lost it’s heat and dip the glass into the water just shy of the mandrel. It will break off on the thinest string of glass. This keeps the dirty mandrel out of your water and all your glass very clean.

When I get all the frit I need I pour the water and frit through a sieve and let it dry. I also use three different sieves to size my frit. I keep it all stored in small containers to keep it clean and separated.