The Studio Part 5


Norm asked me just how many pliers I really needed and I told him I need all of them. Tools are another one of my loves. I make quite a few of them, since the one you want either doesn’t exist or is not in the budget plan. Besides, I get to play with more fire!

I generally modify the tools I use to fit my needs. A pair of tweezers cut down and slotted to hold glass rods. I can use up the complete rod this way. I made a rounded handle to make it easy to roll in my fingers like you would the rod of glass.

These are my favorite tools:

I use the first one on the left for flattening the glass.

The second one is my initial “B” for stamping in the hot glass.

My favorite tweezers for cleaning things off the glass.

Pick for making holes and dragging the glass.

Glass holder for the short pieces.

My button shank pliers to hold and press the shank into the back of the glass.

Another photo of my “B” stamp and my modified tweezers for holding short pieces of glass in the flame.