Where it all began :

I had been in woodworking for 20 + years and had quite a little business going. I was very content to do just what I was doing. I love the smell and feel of wood and the silkiness when you sanded a piece just right. I actually went through withdrawals if I was away from the wood for very long.

Norm came home from work one day and announced that we were not going on vacation this year ! ! !  We were going to take workshops dealing with glass.

He had signed us up for 3 different classes; slumping, fusing and lampworking. I didn’t mind since I like spending time with Norm. We went to the slumping class first and it was fun but it really didn’t interest me. We then went to the fusing class, and same thing, fun but not something I wanted to do.I told Norm that he could pursue the glass but I would be sticking with woodworking.

He then took me to lampworking where you get to play with fire…yeah for me ! ! ! Lampworking was an all day class and during the morning you learned the feel of hot glass…like playing with honey on a dipper. I didn’t like the hot glass since it wouldn’t do as I wanted. Wood was more forgiving and more hands on and if you made a mistake you just re glued it and started over.

We broke for lunch and I told Norm that this wasn’t going to be for me either so he would have to be the one to make the beads for us. We went back to the torch and proceeded to learn more about the glass. I’m not sure what happened since I didn’t believe in magic; but something magical did happen.

On the way home I informed Norm that I was going out and buy myself a torch and was not going to share it! Norm works outside the house and told me we should buy one torch since he would only want it on Saturdays. I informed him that I would need it on Saturday also. He said I had all week to play with the torch.

So end of story…we bought 2 of everything we would need. We do share the same kiln and that is ok.

I went home from that one day class and put 20 years of the woodworking business in a box and have not looked back since. I still love the smell of a woodworking shop and build a few thing now and again just for us but the glass has a very big hold on me.

That class was almost 15 years ago and the glass has opened doors to other things we enjoy, but that is another story…..and yes “I do believe in Magic.”