This will be our third year selling buttons at our local Saturday Market. Even I was surprised at all the people who love buttons as much as I do. I blame it on our “Moms” for dragging us to all those little second-hand stores and going through jars and jars of buttons ! ! !

During the winter months I cozy up to a warm fire and either knit or crochet. I am very content to stay a beginner in knitting and crocheting. My time is usually spent on hats, small bags and flowers. The buttons go well for each of these, and I can pick and choose the colors I like.

Our buttons have a sterling silver shank in the back. I make them concave so they can be large and strong. Our average size button is 1 1/2” across. Each one of them are a little color palette of fun! You never know, when you set down at the torch, just what the outcome will be. Sometimes it is quite a surprise when they come out of the kiln.

I have a friend that felts purses and bags and the buttons go very well with them. It’s funny…One day I was in a new yarn shop in town and spotted the most wonderful unique felted bag. I didn’t know the person but wanted so bad to look at her purse. I approached her to tell her how much I liked her purse…well the rest of the story is that there are a few of my buttons on the felted pieces that she makes. You never know when a new friend will appear on the scene and love the things that you also love ! ! !

Take care