It begins anew

We are back.

We have added a new Etsy shop selling our lost wax cast jewelry components. You will find a link on our Home page as well as here.

Norm has retired and is now working on more jewelry pieces, while we are learning to work together on a full time basis.

I am making more of my multiple disk pendants. It has been a while and I find myself enjoying them once again. Here is a photo of the most recent one. The fish stamp is one that I made. I find I like making tools almost as much or more than making the pieces. I see tools everywhere and in everything!


Here is a photo of a piece Norm made for himself. It is a fossilized Walrus tooth that we got while vacationing in Alaska. This was an as you do it design from a sketch on a napkin. It morphed many times before it was finished.


More later,