IMG_0782 IMG_0788Sculptures and castings leave me with a lot of scrap wax that I seem to save, since I might need extras. Not to reason why, I just do. I cannot seem to throw even little bits away. So at midnight awhile back I had this little pile of wax and I wasn’t quite ready for bed and did not have time to start another project, so I took my Blazer torch and used a small flame to melt that little pile into a smooth disk. To my surprise when I turned it over there was this incredible pattern…..serendipity….. I had melted the wax on my cold steel bench block and the wax did not have time to melt on the bottom. I was so excited, there was no one around to share this with.  I couldn’t wake up Norm since he would think I was going off the deep end.  So I had to wait and share it at a more reasonable time.  Since then I have melted quite a few little piles of wax scrap and some turn out and others need to just stay wax. I can control a little of the pattern but it is still up to the “serendipity” to give up the best ones.