Love the tools

With each new idea comes the opportunity to make or modify a new tool.  And if you have followed the blog you know how I love tools. Sometimes I think that tools are the reason I make jewelry. I needed a very small shaped stone to go into an acorn that I had cast in silver. The stone was to represent the nut that the acorn cap holds. The stone was too small to dop-up. Dopping is the process of securing the stone to a stick (dop stick) using a special (dop) lacquer wax. The stone kept falling off the dop stick. I then tried glue and that was not much better. So a new tool was in order. I modified locking tweezers to hold the small piece of stone to shape it. Then I modified a circle cutter to attach the small stone to. This process let me shape a very small stone and not grind off the tips of my fingers and my fingernails.  The ring and the pendant is the result of these new tools…..yeah for things that work. I have found that if you think long enough on a problem the answer is out there somewhere. You just have to, sometimes, be very patient and wait for it. There has to be a tool that will let you do what you want, and if not, go make a new one or modify one that you already have. Also buying two of something lets you keep one original and one to play with.  The stone in the ring is Carnelian and the one in the pendant is Tiger Eye. IMG_1269