Enamels again

After the little red heart enamel piece there was a tickle in my brain matter about something I had been thinking about for sometime. Funny how things come together. Norm has little doodles that he did when he was in meetings at work. I loved them and they stayed with me for such a long time. I wanted to come up with a way to turn them into jewelry. But nothing sprang forth until the little red heart enamel piece. At the moment this new one has been carved in wax and is waiting to be cast up in pure silver…….waiting is something I am learning. When you get an idea for jewelry it can be a very long process before you get to see the final piece. And even then it may not be just what you envisioned in your mind. So I will wait till tomorrow and even the next day to continue on this little path that I have set.  IMG_1381