The what and why of things

Its funny how the mind works sometimes and procrastinates.  I think it might either be out of fear of the unknown or the thought of failure. I have been wanting to set little stones in silver tubes for ever so long and kept putting it off. Well the opportunity arose the other day and I said “Yes”. A fellow silversmith said she would show me how to do gypsy and tube setting. I took her up on the offer. It was quite fun and a little scary, but I was up for it since I had been putting it off for so long. The first pieces were done in copper and I knew that my next piece would be in silver. Why had I waited so long to do something that turned out so simple. The mind can do funny things with us sometimes, like telling us we don’t have enough knowledge or that we might make a mess of things….why oh why do we listen to ourselves ! ! !

The first tube set was in copper to practice and is now set into a silver band for a ring. The stone was green CZ. The next tube setting was in silver and on my own at the bench at home. Still a little nerve racking but slow and easy was the key.

I had cast a flower bracket in silver and always knew that it needed something else to make it stand out. It is a nice piece by itself but it needed a little pizzazz. I set the tube with a ruby CZ and soldered it in a hole that I drilled out in the middle of the flower.  “WOW”

I am so glad that I finally decided to do tube setting. Just what was I waiting for….who knows.


The pendant is an inch across.