Adaptive perfectionist

That would be me. I strive to do the best at each step of the process but sometimes that is not enough. I have learned that there are two kinds of perfectionist. The adaptive and the maladaptive. The adaptive one will make a mistake or a mess and take a deep breath and work it out. Knowing that a lesson is there to be learned. The maladaptive will get angry, disgruntled and throw a fit and quit. The definitions for this is in my own words. The internet can explain it much better, but you get my drift.

I love the process of most anything that I take on. I think I love the process better than the finished product. This adaptiveness has been with me on the tube set gems. I know that there is an easier and smoother way for me to accomplish this task of setting gems in tubes. I have gathered together the necessary tools, and, after five rings, I think the process makes a little more sense. They have gotten easier and are turning out with a little more flare than the first ones.

I have made a few jigs to make the job easier and as you know I love to make tools. Some tools are just for the one part of the job and are not universal. I will spend time on a tool to make the job just a little easier. Making a tool that takes an hour to make for a job that takes less that a few minutes is right up my alley. Love the tools ! ! !

The miter jig for filling the tubes is a little cumbersome to hold so I made a magnet bench holder and am now able to use both hands to file the tubes flush. It makes quick work of filling the tubes and wires if need be. I also use my file backwards and pull towards me to do the filling.

So, stay adaptive and enjoy the journey ! ! ! IMG_1677