The necessity of things

I can’t believe that we are already out of ear wires. Funny thing is, we keep making earrings and seem to be out of ear wires way sooner than I am ready to make more. They are one of the chores that I don’t cherish. I “druther” play with a new idea or spend time making jigs of sorts. Well at least I get to make another jig for the ear wires.

I got carried away with cutting 19 1/2″ wire to make the five pairs. I usually make 50 pair at a time. What was I thinking when I ended up with 202 wires. Now I have to file the ends on everyone and flatten a small place to make them stronger. 202 times can make a job go on forever. I enjoy using the little jig I made for the shaping of the wires since it goes fairly quick and is kinda peaceful, but, the filing of the ends so they won’t be sharp or snag is not something I enjoy. The flat part I dread since it is done with a hammer and you can’t get two to look alike and the way you hammer and the power you hammer with makes them all different. Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking for the plastic look, just some semblance of looking close.

Well let me tell you that in 202 they are going to be different and I am not going to set and pick through them to match them up in pairs. So; dreading the job, my brain kept telling me that there had to be a way. Yeah, there was ! ! ! Processing the steps was a challenge and a few went astray but I am on my way to making this an easier job.

So the next time we have to make ear wires I will not dread getting the jigs out. It will be a pleasant job, but, I will not be making 202 pieces.

My new little jig…………IMG_1744