Wings to Fly ! ! !

If you think hard enough and long enough and want it bad enough, you just might find the way.  So it goes with the dragonfly wings.  I had cast up a hydrangea blossom and it turned out with more texture than I expected. Since they are paper thin and very delicate they were a challenge to get ready for casting. The dragonfly wing was not only thin and delicate, it was brittle when dried. There had to be a way since I so wanted it to happen. I let it stay around in my mind for quite awhile…..seemed like decades…..but then it started to come together and make sense as to what the steps were to be.  A very long and slow process but the end results were worth waiting for. There were a lot of “what ifs” in this journey. Now I know that if I ever find a complete and whole dragonfly I will take special care of it and turn it into a full silver dragonfly piece.

Below are a few pictures in the journey of the dragonfly.

The dragonfly in this picture is a gift from a special person, I didn’t have the heart to take him apart.

IMG_1961The waxes I cast up are from partial dragonflies that I found in the yard. I made a mold to be able to have duplicates.

Five different wings ready for investing.IMG_1952 The wings after the pour.IMG_1959 A wax…after pouring and the next one is polished. Now all that is left is to make them into jewelry.IMG_1963