Duck tape and velcro

We know the world is held together by duck tape and velcro, which I use quite often. When it comes to working on the bench, my go to is scotch tape and crazy glue. I also use white paper tape for sensitive skin. It stretches and acts like a vise to hold small things down. I needed to sand a very narrow thin piece of silver (20 gauge) that I was making into earrings. I had cut out the shapes and needed to hold them down to get a fine hand polish on them. I put two strips of scotch tape on the backs and two strips of tape on the small wooden square that I wanted them to go on. I put a few drops of crazy glue on the tape and placed the earring piece on top and held it down so the silver would glue down flat. I was then able to sand/polish the complete piece in a back and forth method. This probably sounds like the long way to do something but the end results were a smooth and uniform polish. I find it difficult to hold a piece and get a uniform polish without distorting the piece. I also needed to cut between the 6 holes that I drilled to make the earrings two pieces which is difficult to hold. I cut through the little this piece of wood and the silver while it was glued down. It made the sawing much easier than trying to hold the piece and fret saw it. I also put two layers of tape on the earrings and glued them together to make sure both of them are filed and shaped to make a pair. I use a scalpel to cut between the tape to release the two and then just have to peel the tape off and you are good to go. So; if I have not confused you yet stay tuned and I will do my best next time.

I know I take the long road for some of my projects but the outcome for me is very much worth it. I like the process of all aspects of the journey. The finished piece is a quiet sigh of relief and then I am free to go on to my next endeavor.

A picture of the earrings with the help of scotch tape and crazy glue.