Fun ! ! !

I was going to take a break from the jewelry but couldn’t seem to take a break from the tools and ideas. About a year ago we left the water in out little “RVs” tank and it froze. Broke the water faucet where the pipes connect. We really liked that faucet….it was our first. Couldn’t find a replacement so just bought another one. Well as fate would have it the screw holes and placement was different. I have fold-formed our counter top and there is no way to patch the bolt holes that go through the counter top. So putting on the thinking caps we mulled it over thinking that a block of wood would cover the area…..that would just not do since we had put so much work and thought to make our counter unique. This story is also a testament that you should never throw anything away. Years ago I had an opportunity to visit a bronze factory and got to take home some bronze slag. I have since fell in love with bronze and cast it up to make jewelry. So while mulling this faucet area over we remembered that little bucket of bronze slag. It is now our faucet plate on our copper fold-formed counter top. We love it ! ! !


The bronze slag has a hole in it about the size of a nickel so I made a patch and stamped a sun design in it to also cover the hole that was drilled to receive the old faucet. Lots of fiddling and futzing we now have a very fun and unique faucet plate.


The photo is a little dark on the close-up but does show the detail.

So I guess it is back to the jewelry bench but this little side trip was fun ! ! !