Planting a seed ! ! !

Sometimes it has nothing to do with gardening. It is funny how one small idea can take hold and not let go. Kind of like planting a seed and letting the roots do their thing. The mind is like a garden in that way. One idea that just starts with a few words can grow beyond boundaries and take on a whole new dimension. Such was the thought that was set in motion by our Market Manager. Mind you it was just a thought until it took root in the brain and then everything else that was being worked on took a back seat. There was no trying to put it out of the brain since it was rooted very deeply in the gray matter. So the idea took flight, and off and on for a week it needed to be addressed. No plans were drawn and no list of supplies were made. Just the thought and the desire to find out if it could really be done. From the many places that were visited and the many pieces and parts that were gathered, that now lay in a pile on the garage floor, work needed to begin. Oh where does one begin….at the beginning of course. Sifting through the pieces and parts was the first step in finding an order in the chaos.┬áParts were chosen for the top and from there it came together. Minds were changed very often with the “what if” and the ending result was quite pleasing with the wow factor that it could really happen. The first picture is before it was painted to give you an idea of the pieces and parts.