A larger pair of bolt cutters

It took a larger pair of bolt cutters to cut the ball & chain this time. The chain seems to get stronger with each escape. What was one to do? I set at the bench in anticipation of the escape to unsettled freedom, to run, to escape the obsessions of the bench that calls so strongly each day. I long to connect once again to friends and long lost memories. To breathe a different air from the oxygen that has become an expected habit, to expand the vision, taste a different taste, feel a different feel. The escape is inevitable so that I can keep the sanity with this passion of mine. And an escape it was. With just a flick of an eye there was a long and beautiful road ahead. A connection with like minded friends, to laugh and to share. What a wonderful four days it was and it felt like a life time. No cares and no worries, and never a thought of the bench left behind. It was talking, laughter, eating out and late nights that never ended. The boundless energy that was had from breathing deeply with no deadlines in sight.

The trip is now a memory and it is back to the bench; but, the feelingsĀ that came from this escape were different. The bench has lost it strangle hold and though it calls each day I find there are other pleasures to be had. I have let myself pursue other avenues and have found a different kind of creativity that can be as rewarding as a day on the bench. There will be days that the bench grabs hold but it will be my doing and the freedom of being able to walk away and know I will be back is a peaceful one…..life is good ! ! !

This is one of the projects that Norm and I worked on. A old-fashioned light post for display that is 7′ tall. The before picture lets you see some of the different parts used that were just laying around the shop not being used and too good to through out. After a lot of brainstorming and hours of collecting and a good dark paint, we now have an old-fashioned lamp that you can’t even hook up to electricity. But fun none the less ! ! !

img_2702 img_2739