Good things come from “OOPS”

……….I was designing a bracelet for a garden and an ocean theme and things progressed in the manner that was expected. They went through the process of design, shaping, making waxes, making molds and casting up. Things still were working as expected. There were 8 different garden pieces and 8 ocean pieces. They were cast up in silver and bronze which would be 32 pieces total. They were then cleaned up polished and pickled and shined…….so this is the step that was the “OOPS” part. I had forgotten to curve the little postage size flat pieces to fit around the wrist in comfort. So they went into a box and sat there for months knowing that they would need to be something else.I will make another bracelet from new material and make sure to curve them. The curve is very slight but does make a big difference in the bracelets fluid comfort.

So now they each have a home as a pendant. That’s a lot of pendants ! ! !  There is something to say about having to revisit things you have stashed for whatever reason…’s all good ! ! ! img_3169