Another journey

Some things can just consume you with out giving warning. Norm’s cleaning up the shop and found some copper mesh that he had retrieved from the trash at a job he was on. I said that was really cool and proceeded to get back to the project I was working on. Well you know how this goes…..that little roll of pure copper mesh rushed to the front of my brain and would not let go ! ! !  I had become obsessed with using it and tried enamel on a piece and that was fun but not what I was looking for. Mind you I had no clue just what I was looking for but had this consuming draw to do something with this copper mesh. A few days of trial and lots of “artifacts” later I had found out what the copper wanted to be. EARRINGS…yes another pair of earrings. Mind you this is not my favorite thing to do. Making two things just alike is not an alley I travel down. I love to make pendants since all of the creative juices can go into just one piece. But the earrings were calling ! ! !  

Enjoy ! ! !