Freedom in playing ! ! !

It is very interesting sometimes to go back and figure out just where an idea started. This is a recap and process of an idea that seemed to take flight so fast that the mind didn’t quite have time to catch up as to why we were even on this path. The last few months I have been just playing without a plan of sorts and allowing myself to just be. No procrastination…no perfectionist…no wondering why. Just doing ! ! ! It has been such a ride of freedom that I am not used to but it has also opened doors that I never knew existed. So, this is one of those freedom loving journeys. 

I had lead-less solder left over from doing stained glass years ago that I just couldn’t throw out……I keep way too many things on hand. You never know when you might need that little piece of something.  

A tutorial on the journey of the lead-less solder…

A few of the pieces that were made into jewelry. I cast a few of them in bronze and they looked kinda old and rustic.

The solder board that is easy to carve and takes the heat. I use my old solder boards to capture textures, remember to never throw anything out ! ! ! The lead-less solder and the used up solder board.

Cut pieces of solder to melt into a gather.

An old board to use for the top to flatten the hot solder.

The melted solder. It doesn’t look hot but beware that it is very hot and will burn you if you touch it. I use my Blazer torch with a small soft bushy flame. It does not take much to heat up the lead-less solder. Just take it slow.

Card stock to keep the solder evenly flat when you gently lay the top board on.

Gently lay the top board on in an even manner. The weight of the board is enough to flatten the solder since it is very molten when hot. If it doesn’t press softly you can just reheat it and press again.

After removing the top board let it cool since it is still molten…..wait a bit and push on it with a pic to see if it is hard. Pop it off the board, it should come off easily when it is cold.

Making little flowers. Process is the same. They need to be cleaned up after coming off the board and the lead-less solder is soft enough to cut, sand, file and carve or stamp. The possibilities are endless. You can now make your own flowers to sand cast or make molds of and cast up in any of the metals that you can melt.Solder cut to melt into the little carved out flower.The back when you take off the top board. Remember to let it cool. Looks can be deceiving ! ! ! A pair of earrings in bronze that have been polished. A talisman pendant.A bronze piece before the sprue is taken off and polished.

Enjoy and have fun ! ! !